10 Signs You Have the Right Hair Stylist

Right Hair Stylist
Are you tired of hopping from one hair salon to another, struggling to find the right hair stylist?

When you search for a perfect hair stylist, you can spend a lot of time and money. After all, your hair isn’t just something you put on in the morning; it’s a reflection of your identity and style. Therefore, finding the right person to cut, color, and style is indeed an investment worth making.

Imagine walking out of the salon with a hairstyle that perfectly complements your features and reflects your personality. It’s a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that your hair reflects the best version of yourself. But how do you know if you’ve finally found the best hair stylist?

A&H Hair Stylist provides a checklist that helps you make an informed decision when selecting a stylist for your hair needs:

  • They listen and talk to you
  • They clearly explain their services
  • They have strong technical skills
  • They prioritize hair health
  • They’ve time-management skills
  • They keep up with the latest trends
  • They aren’t just your stylist, They’re a friend
  • They don’t judge you
  • You trust them with anything
  • You desperately wait for your next appointment

10 Signs and Qualities of the Best Hair Stylist 

1. They listen and talk to you:

It’s about clear and respectful communication between you and your hair stylist that sets the foundation for positive beauty salons.

A good hair stylist takes time to listen attentively to your desires for your hair, whether it’s a simple trim, a new style, or a color change.

Additionally, they offer you suggestions, study your photos, and ask all the right questions to understand your unique style and preferences.

2. They explain their service thoroughly:

Right hair stylist takes the time to describe and clarify what they will do during your appointment. This includes explaining the procedures, techniques, and products they will use on your hair.

For example, if you’re looking for hair cut styles for men, a stylist should discuss the type of haircut you want and the specific techniques they will use to achieve it. In addition, they’ll explain if they recommend any treatments for your hair’s health and style.

Hence, consider a stylist who will explain every step of the process, from mixing colors to layering cuts, ensuring that you’re always in the loop.

3. They keep up with the latest trends:

Finding a hair salon Perth that stays updated to the newest styles and techniques in the hairdressing industry is noteworthy.

This sign indicates that the stylists are proactive in learning about emerging trends, whether it’s in haircuts, hair coloring, styling methods, or hair care products.

For instance, if short hair cuts are trendy, ideal stylist know the latest techniques for achieving stylish short cuts. Such as short hair cuts for women can include textured crops, undercut styles, or pixie cuts and short hair cuts for men involve fade cuts or buzz cuts.

4. They have strong technical skills:

It includes the proficiency and expertise a hair stylist has for doing various hair-related tasks.

Technical skills involve many abilities like

  • cutting
  • coloring
  • styling
  • treating

Additionally, a hair stylist with strong technical expertise knows:

  • hair texture, structure, and style
  • how to manage specific hair condition
  • how to identify any issues or concerns
  • appropriate treatments or procedures

5. They prioritize hair health:

Get to a Beauty salon that not only works for make-up but also focuses on health care. Prioritizing hair health means that the hair stylist values the overall condition of your hair above everything else.

For example, a stylist focused on hair health will use gentle techniques to damage your hair during haircuts, coloring, or styling sessions. They’ll avoid over-processing, excessive heat, and harsh chemicals that can weaken your hair.

Thus, instead of focusing solely on trendy styles or dramatic changes, they consider the long-term health of your hair.

6. They’ve time-management skills:

Skilled hair stylist will manage their time and appointments effectively. They will be organized and punctual in scheduling clients to ensure that each appointment starts and ends on time.

Moreover, they ensure a smooth flow of appointments throughout the day. It prevents overcrowding or gaps in the schedule, allowing the stylist to focus on providing attentive service to each client.

7. They aren’t just your stylist, They’re a friend:

Best hair stylist makes sure that the relationship with the customer goes beyond just professional interactions, it’s more personal.

When your stylist is not only someone who cuts and styles your hair but also becomes a friend, it results in:

  • deeper connection and understanding
  • comfortable and trustworthy bonding
  • long-term relationship
  • mutual respect and support
  • going the extra mile


8. They don’t judge you/No judgmental behaviors:

A good hair stylist doesn’t criticize or give negative opinions about you.

Moreover, an ideal hair stylist-client relationship means that your stylist accepts you for who you are and respects your individuality. Additionally, they understand that everyone has unique tastes, preferences, and reasons for their hairstyle choices.

Ultimately, a non-judgmental hair stylist understands that beauty is subjective and respects each client’s independence to go with their sense of style.

9. You trust them with anything:

Trusting your hair stylist with anything means you feel comfortable relying on them not only for hair-related decisions but also for other aspects related to your appearance.

When finding a trustworthy women’s hairdresser or ‘men hair stylist near me’, make sure they have:

  • transparency in hair-related and other decisions
  • confidentiality in any personal conversations
  • honesty in feedbacks and other concerns
  • respect for your boundaries
  • consistency and reliability

10. You desperately wait for your next appointment:

When you find the right hair stylist, you can’t wait for your upcoming hair salon visit.

Additionally, you get excited about the getting your hair done again by your trusted stylist. You look forward to the transformation, or simply the chance to improve your looks and boost your confidence.

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