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Shaping Confidence Through Grooming

At A&H Hair Stylist, we believe that looking and feeling your best isn’t just for women. Men, it’s equally essential to care for your skin, from head to toe.

We believe that every client deserves a grooming experience tailored to their individual needs.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Signature Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. Ensure you make an unforgettable first impression with the help of A&H Hair Stylist.

Your Year-Round Confidence

We understand the significance of maintaining a polished appearance throughout the year. That’s why we offer an extensive range of luxurious men’s services and grooming products, all designed with your needs and lifestyle in mind.

Premium Products for the Modern Gentleman

Our exclusive men’s grooming product line, used in-store, is also available for purchase, allowing you to recreate your distinctive style with ease. Receive friendly advice from our highly skilled team members. Maintain your signature look effortlessly with our premium product range, including American Crew.


Crafted for Men

A&H Hair Stylist offers a range of specialized services tailored to meet the unique cutting and colouring needs of our male clients. Whether you prefer precision cutting, an easy-to-maintain style, or a transformative change in your cut or colour, we have you covered.

Explore Our Signature Services

  • The Classic Cut: Clippers create a short back & sides effect, with a shampoo, conditioning, scented hot towel, quick neck & head massage, and styling with products.
  • Standard Cut: Scissors are used all over for longer hairstyles, with the same pampering as the Classic Cut.
  • Fade Cut: Achieve the perfect fade – zero, half, or #1 on the sides, with shampoo & condition, neck shave, scented hot towel, and a quick neck & head massage.
  • Skin Fade: Take it down to the skin on the sides, with the same pampering as the Fade Cut.
  • Beard Line Up & Tidy Up: Frame the edges, even up the length, and line up the cheeks, complemented by a scented hot towel.

Your Complete Grooming Partner

Our professional therapists are your dedicated allies, guiding you to embrace daily grooming routines that elevate your confidence. A&H Hair Stylist offers an all-encompassing service to complement your daily grooming ritual:

  • Facials
  • Beard Treatments
  • Hair Removal
  • Hands & Feet Grooming
  • Tinting
  • Skin Care Products

Your Journey To Timeless Style Begins Here

Experience genuine care, expertise, and artistry that will leave you not only looking your best but feeling confident.

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