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Hair Services

Personalized Hair Styling: Get Your Perfect Look

Welcome to A&H Hair Stylist, your destination for exceptional hair services in vibrant Perth. Whether you’re young or young at heart, we’re here to make your hair dreams a reality.When you visit A&H Hair Stylist, you’re not just a client; you’re part of our family. We offer a warm, friendly, and down-to-earth atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy exceptional hair and beauty services.

Expert Hair Consultation

We take the time to understand your unique needs. Our stylists consider your face shape, skin tone, eye colour, and lifestyle to create a style or colour that suits you perfectly.Experience our signature friendly, down-to-earth service that A&H clients have come to love

Hair Cutting & Styling

At A&H, we’re all about enhancing your individual style. Our experienced stylists are skilled in a range of cutting techniques to cater to your specific preferences.

When it comes to styling, whether you desire volume, curls, smoothness, or a natural everyday look, our highly trained team can effortlessly bring your vision to life. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-wear, low-maintenance style, or a dramatic transformation, we’ll preserve your unique individuality.

Colour and Techniques

─ Balayage

A freehand technique for a soft, natural look or vibrant colour saturation.

─ Highlights

Lighten your natural base for a subtle or bold effect with various colour tones and low lights.

─ Single Process Colour

Permanent or semi-permanent options, complemented by soft colour framing or flashes of a secondary hue.

─ Creative Colour

A customized blend of colour and technique to match your individual style.

─ Major Colour Changes and Colour Correction

Our experts handle dramatic transformations while maintaining hair health and integrity.

Experience the genuine care and expertise of A&H Hair Stylist.

Your dream hair journey begins here.

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

Effortless Elegance, On Your Schedule

Need a stylish look but don’t have the time to wait around?

At A&H Hair Stylist, we understand that life doesn’t always allow for long waits.

That’s why we’re here to get you ready in no time, all while ensuring you receive the same care as a full-service treatment.

Our goal?

To make you shine at your next event.

Expert Makeup Artists at Your Service

Our highly skilled makeup artists are here to bring your face to life, whether it’s for a night on the town, a special event, or just for fun. We accentuate your natural beauty and harmonize colours, styles, and tones to enhance your unique features.

We work exclusively with hypoallergenic products and take meticulous care to select products that match your skin type and needs, guaranteeing your comfort and satisfaction.

─ Beauty Services

Our team excels in more than just hairstyling and colouring. We’re your partners in achieving head-to-toe perfection.

Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself with a manicure while getting your hair transformed or want to finish off your stunning look with a refreshing facial, our experts are here to make it happen.

Facials: Uncover Your Inner Glow

Indulge in pure relaxation as we rejuvenate your skin and infuse it with vital hydration. Our facials are designed to reveal your inner radiance, leaving you with a fresh and revitalized complexion that turns heads.

Nails: Manicure & Pedicure

-Manicure: Pamper Your Nails

Give your nails the attention they deserve. Our manicure services will shape, refine, and polish your nails to perfection. Choose from a vast array of trendy colours and styles that suit your unique personality, ensuring you always look your best.

-Pedicure: Toe TLC

Your toes deserve care too! Our professional nail technicians will have your toenails looking neat and healthy, whether it’s for a last-minute event or everyday glam. Dive into our wide selection of long-lasting toe colours to keep your look forever fresh.

-Deluxe Dry Pedi: Luxury for Your Feet

Indulge in a long-lasting, quick-drying Dry polish for your toes, following a soothing Deluxe pedicure. This pampering experience includes a soak, scrub, exfoliation for silky heels, nail and cuticle care, and the beloved foot massage.